Use Category As A Page

The first things that you'll need to do is create a new page. Set the Page Attributes to Blog so that it will display all the post under that category. This is located on the right-hand side if you do not see it you'll need to click on Settings (WordPress 5+)

Once you have that done you scroll down to somewhat at the bottom of the page where it says Custom Fields. If you don't see it click on Options and select it from the list.

On Custom Fields you're going to click on Add New Field. Then add query_args to this box for the name. 

For the Value, you'll add cat=1 into the value box.  You will replace the 1 with your own category ID. The best way to find it is by clicking on the category Dashboard > Post > Categories You'll find the category ID by checking the URL taxonomy=category&tag_ID=6

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