Set up ConvertKit with Genesis eNews Extended

So you're using the eNews widgets and you want to set it up with your ConvertKit list. This is what your widget should look like to get those opt-ins

As you see above I have entered the fields that will match the fields inside of ConvertKit. *Note this is for the older forms. If you have forms created with the new form builder use email_address for the E-Mail Field. 

Let's break down the steps on how to get this. You'll need to create a link that looks similar to this one
Old Forms:
New Forms:

Just replace the numbers in this link with yours.

Where to find this number? Click on your form, and your form number will be in the browser. Example :
Old Format:
Updated Format:

Then it just comes down to entering email to capture their email address. If you want to get their first name use first_name and that will show up in the form.

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